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Finally tonight, the comeback. A lawyer I about to hit Texas courtrooms, and one verdict is alrean. Doubt here, she’s a fighter. The image by itself is moving. A er graduating fr school, her childrig her side. But dig a little deeper, and this moment is about more than a Dia. Houston sident ies champs was once homeless.19 when shstarted to have children. Then things got even more complicated. I los job, I lost everything I had in a house fire. I’m pregnant, found out my kids’ father has cancer. Repor she would go O raise her fihildren by herself, at one point hitting rock bottom. I literally tried to commit suicide. Was just that bad. Reporteutabout ten years E found a church, and a pastor who had a message for her. God told tell you that you need to Ack to school to get your ged, because that WYOU wanted B’re going to be it. Reporter: So Iesha listened, GE ged and N stopping there. But Ng to balance five children and law schhe hit anr breaking point. I would hear her crying, so I would take my brothers and sisters, give them a snack, em some fo so she wodn’t have tt Rom doing R schoolwork Reporter: Then all of her kids started to pitch helping with flash cards and ING as a mock . Soraduation a family affair. That was the reason behind E D includinthem in the graduation photos. I look at these graduation photos and I sayhis he a wowho knew tt the odds were against her and she destroyed them. Wow.” Reporter: It’s azing, just like Iesha. Thanks for hing. Tom llamas in New York. Stayuned for the Comey interview with George steppoulos tonight 10:00 P.M. Eastern.

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