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Transcript for Comey says Trump told him, ‘I expect loyalty’

So he asked you what you want and says what he wants that I expect loyalty I need loyalty and I just. Stared him. And and this’ll narrative with myself inside saying don’t you move don’t you dare move. William Blake why not say no I think because I was caught totally by surprise I couldn’t think of a clever response. By the second time he came back to it I had my wits about me and had a better answer. Who was second time he said again I need loyalty. And ice and you’ll always get honesty for me. He paused. And then he said. Honest loyalty is if you is proposing some compromise or deal. And I paused. And said you’ll get that for me did you cross a line. When you promised him honestly LTD. Would it be fair for him to think we’d have a deal here. I don’t think so they look it was a compromise on my part to try and avoid really awkward conversation get out of an awkward conversations and a mistake. I don’t know for maybe maybe it would have been better to give a more explicit sixer I can’t promise you loyalty but in the moment frankly didn’t occur to me. And it may didn’t have the guts to do it I wanted to get out of this conversation without compromising myself but. In hindsight you probably write a promotion done differently.

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{“id”:54488974,”title”:”Comey says Trump told him, ‘I expect loyalty'”,”duration”:”1:24″,”description”:”Comey tells ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos that during a private, one-on-one dinner with the president that Trump said, “I need loyalty.””,”url”:”/2020/video/comey-trump-told-expect-loyalty-54488974″,”section”:”2020″,”mediaType”:”default”}

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