Video: Comey interview: Was President Trump obstructing justice?


  • Now Playing: Comey sits down for first one-on-one interview since he was fired

  • Now Playing: Comey says Trump asked him to investigate ‘dossier’

  • Now Playing: James Comey – An ABC News exclusive event airs tonight 10/9c on ABC

  • Now Playing: Comey interview: Was President Trump obstructing justice?

  • Now Playing: Spring storm moves east after blanketing central US in snow

  • Now Playing: A possible ‘school’ attack threat shut down by police in NY

  • Now Playing: Former homeless woman graduates from law school

  • Now Playing: Handcuffing of 2 black men in Starbucks in Philadelphia sparks controversy

  • Now Playing: Former First Lady Barbara Bush in failing health

  • Now Playing: 911 operator who took call from teen who died in van is set to return to work

  • Now Playing: Viral video of arrests at Starbucks sparks controversy

  • Now Playing: Police searching for grandmother who allegedly killed her husband and another person

  • Now Playing: Trump’s lawyer is facing criminal investigation and he’s due in court tomorrow

  • Now Playing: Bus driver reconnects separated sisters

  • Now Playing: Starbucks apologizes to two black men handcuffed and arrested at a store

  • Now Playing: Wife accused of killing her husband on the loose

  • Now Playing: Massive storm sweeps across the country

  • Now Playing: Unanswered questions around the attack on Syria

  • Now Playing: Syria denounces the U.S.-led attack

  • Now Playing: Trump calls military action on Syria a ‘perfectly executed strike’

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