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Maradu flats demolition: Last of the four complexes razed to ground | Kochi News


KOCHI: On day two, within six seconds Jains Coral Cove and Golden Kayaloram buildings were razed to the ground. While Jain’s Coral Cove was imploded at 11.03am, Golden Kayaloram was imploded at 2.30pm. With this, all four buildings — Alfa Serene, Holy Faith H2O, Jains Coral Cove and Golden Kayaloram–- have been successfully imploded as per the SC order. Jains Coral Cove was the largest of the four buildings that was asked to be demolished for CRZ violation. Golden Kayaloram at 2pm. It is the smallest building. Watch: Golden Kayaloram tower in #Maradu imploded #MaraduBuildingDemolition #Kerala— TOI Kochi (@TOIKochiNews) 1578820559000Three buildings were brought down in controlled implosions by Edifice Engineering with the assistance of South Africa-based Jet Demolition. One building, Alfa Serene, was brought down by Vijay Steels and Explosives. Watch: Cops engaged in surveillance prior to demolition of Golden Kayaloram #MaraduBuildingDemolition #Kerala…— TOI Kochi (@TOIKochiNews) 1578816071000A report will be submitted by the government to the SC soon. Section 144 that was implemented in the exclusion zone and it will be applicable to land, air and road travel is yet to be lifted. In Video:Maradu flats demolition: Last of the four complexes Golden Kayaloram razed

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