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How to make SBI debit cards more secure


State Bank of India (SBI) provides its customers the facility of making their debit-cum-ATM cards more secure. Card skimming, cloning, credit and debit cards fraud have been on a rise. In order to make your debit card more secure, SBI has given a facility to make your ATM cards more secured by changing the daily withdrawal limit, changing the ATM channels and changing the usage of your ATM cards. You can switch your ATM card on or off and limit the card usage through different channels by enabling/disabling the international or domestic usage online. All these can be done through your SBI online banking account.

Taking into consideration the rising incidents of ATM-related frauds, SBI has introduced OTP-based ATM withdrawals with effect from 1st January 2020. SBI’s OTP-based ATM cash withdrawals is applicable for above 10,000 cash withdrawals. This service is functional at all SBI ATMs between 8 pm to 8 am.

Sharing a video, SBI has explained how to make your ATM-cum-debit card more secure.

1) Log in to SBI online

2) Go to e-services tab on the website. Now, select ‘ATM card services’.

3) After that, click on ATM Card limit/Channel/Usage change option.

4) If you have more than one account than select the account for which you want these services and click on continue.

5) Now all the ATM cards linked with the selected account will appear on the screen, select the card on which you want these services.

6) In ‘select’ drop-down menu, there are three services

a) Change daily limit

b) Change channel type

c) Change usage type

7) Click on the option ‘change daily limit’, there are two options – ATM limit and POS/CNP limit. Select ‘ATM Limit’.

8) A page will be displayed showing your current ATM limit, minimum limit allowed. You can set your new ATM limit, which should be in multiples of 5,000

9) Enter the password received on your mobile.

10) Your new daily limit is changed to the one you entered.

In the same way you can go back to ATM Card Limit and select the second option, i.e. ‘change channel type’. You can disable/enable ATM, POS, CNP channels. By clicking on the third option ‘Change usage type’, you can disable your ATM domestic or international usage.

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