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Had to run for my life from Shaheen Bagh: Doctor whose videos went viral on Twitter


Deepa Sharma, a Jaipur-based Ayurveda doctor, has claimed that she was harassed by an aggressive mob at the Citizenship Amendment Act (Act) protest site at Shaheen Bagh in Delhi.

Speaking with India Today TV in Jaipur, Deepa Sharma claimed that she was trying to know the views of an old man protesting against the CAA at Shaheen Bagh when a mob comprising of mainly young men, snatched her phone, her bag and started threatening her.

“I was trying to make a video of an old man. I asked him why you have come over here. I took his permission to make a video. I made the video in which what he was saying was captured. He said that in the CAA, ‘people would be asked for documents and that we would be thrown out of the country.”

Deepa Sharma said, “I told him that CAA is neither for Indian Muslims nor for Indian Hindus. He did not understand that. I asked him the meaning of CAA but he could not tell. I asked for its full form but he could not tell me even that.”

“People standing near me were only men. Neither did I argue nor did I say anything wrong. There were many boys in the mob, some of whom were even wearing badges. My mobile and my bag were snatched. At least 30 people were there in that mob. I even sought help but no one, not even women, came to help,” Deepa Sharma added.

She has alleged that she had to run for her life from Shaheen Bagh. Deepa Sharma said that she had gone to see what was happening and learn about the views of the protesters.

Deepa Sharma claimed that the mob followed her and made her delete the video of the old protestor.

“I understood that no matter how much I was shouting, it did not make any difference. Somehow, I summoned courage and ran away from there. I took an auto. They besieged the auto, there were at least 30 people but no one said anything. They asked me to take out the mobile and that they would not let me go if I did not delete the video,” she said.

The woman claimed, in her interview to India Today TV, that she made the videos from Botanical Garden Metro Station. The woman claimed that her pleas for help fell on deaf ears as no one came forward to protect her from the mob fury.

“I made the videos from the Botanical Garden metro station. If I go to the police station, then I will keep making rounds of that only. I did not complain to the police because I was very scared,” she said.

Back home in Jaipur, Deepa Sharma said she did not register an FIR or file a complaint against the alleged harassment as her family members were not in favour of it.

“If the CCTV footage is retrieved, then it will be known that what happened with me. People at my house are not in the favour of registering the FIR,” the woman told India Today TV.

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