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Does PM Modi’s party and family have a freedom fighter, asks Kamal Nath | Press24-India News


BHOPAL: Chief minister Kamal Nath on Thursday attacked the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi for “teaching lessons on nationalism” to the Congress and its frontal organization Seva Dal. CM Nath asked PM Modi if the BJP has a single freedom fighter in the party or if the PM has a distant relative who joined the freedom movement. “You have to realise the politics of the BJP. It is just politics of diversion that we have perceived in the past six to seven years. Now that the assembly elections are upcoming, look how they have diverted from the real issues,” CM Nath said addressing the Congress’ grassroots organization Seva Dal training camp in Bhopal on Thursday evening. “There are questions and challenges before the nation that get no answer. Have you heard Modiji talk of the youth, farmers and women’s issues in the past few months? And they will teach Congress and Seva Dal lessons on nationalism. I always say that Modiji should name one person who was a freedom fighter from his party,” the chief minister said. “If he was not there himself, then at least mention a relative who may have fought for the country’s independence. Forget your name, leave out even the names of your ancestors, father and grandfather. They don’t have a single freedom fighter and they want to teach nationalism to the Congress party,” he said. Nath also attacked the BJP for the NRC (National Register of Citizens) and the CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act). He said the entire world looks at India with respect for its unity in diversity and the tradition of tolerance and brotherhood which is the essence of the Constitution. “Look how our country is under attack today and think of the outcome of this in the future. This is taking a dangerous turn. Many persons dismiss it as just politics and think it will all pass. But the seeds that are being sown now will not go away,” he cautioned. “There is no other country like ours with so much diversity. The Soviet Union was there but it disintegrated because their culture was not like ours. And our biggest strength is being attacked,” he said. “If you go to register under NRC, there will be a question asking what is your religion. You say I am a Hindu. Then they will ask you for proof. Do you have proof you are a Hindu, your father was a Hindu and your grandfather was a Hindu? It is not important what is written in the Act. What concerns us more is about what is not written. Laws are made but there are sections that protect citizens also. Are those sections there?” he asked. Reacting to chief minister Kamal Nath’s attack on PM Modi, leader of opposition Gopal Bhargava said, “Was chief minister Kamal Nath a freedom fighter? Was his father or any person in his family part of the freedom movement? If he has a relative who fought for the country’s independence, only then does he have the right to ask such a question. This debate is unnecessary and meant to divert the attention of the people of the state. Not a single manifesto promise of the Congress has been implemented. Not 1% of development initiated. It doesn’t matter if anyone has participated in the freedom struggle. Nationalism is defined as love for the nation. Seventy-two years have passed since the country became independent. The chief minister should concentrate on good governance.”

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