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A parenting alert. Raising concerns about how what your child watch affects the way they think and feel about gender and Mara is here with the details. You spent some time with families. A group of parents and kids who Spokane diddley about the gender stereotypes they’re seeing. This new survey find parents say they shape what their kids think, everything from how they look and talk even to the jobs they aspire to. From their favorite TV shows — The queen. ??? Reporter: To big screen blockbusters. TV shows and movies are a big part of our kids’ lives but just how is all of this screen time affecting how boys and girls see themselves? This morning, an eye-opening new survey shedding lig on how sear Joe types in movies and on TV impact the way kids think about gender, sexuality and diversity. Pars feel TV and movies are incredibly influential on their kids’ perceptions. Reporter: Finding parents say movies and TV heavily influence their children. More than half of respondents saying they’re especially concerned about their children seeing sexualization of girls and women. Violence against girls or women and boys or men shown as hyperviolent on aggressive. Do you see stereotypes being reinforced? Absolutely. We sat down with a group of parents who share many of these concerns. There’s still the label if a girl plays sports she’s kind of a tomboy instead of just a boy. My son, his favorite colors are pink and purple and has a purple scooter. I want him to be seeing these same lines become more blurry that used to be so segmented. Reporter: 75% of respondents saying media images impact the way girls think they should look. They have to wear this much makeup or be this body shape or this body type. Reporter: The kids we spoke to also have strong feelings what they’re seeing and own gender roles. I don’t like how they portray the girls in belly shirts and really short shorts. They don’t have to follow the boys’ lead. They can do whatever they want to do? Do you want to see them stronger. Yes. Does anyone give you a hard time when you say pink is your favorite color. I say there’s no such thing as boy colors and girl colors. The lack of diversity on screens, more than half of parents say there is a lack of nonwhite role models for boys and girl, something this group agrees with. “Dock mcstuffens” like a brown girl like me on the show. Why do you like seeing girls like you on TV? It makes me feel like there’s people like me that I can look up to. A parent’s job is educate your kids and share your own values, show them the behavior, show them the self-image you want them to have. Reporter: Now, the group behind the report says they not only want to give parents tools to talk to their kis but also want to use it to engage content creator. Something interesting that came out of this, the top qualities the parents say they want in role models, kind, intelligence and confident. Whether you’re a boy or girl. Where did you find these kids? Amazing. So sweet. I love what Camilla say she wanted to see herself reflected

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