Anand Singh may finally support Congress, say reports


Amid speculations that Congress MLA Anand Singh may support the BJP, what has now emerged is that the MLA may stay with the grand old party.

Anand Singh, who joined the Congress ahead of the Karnataka election, had made headlines yesterday after it was reported that he was not reachable and efforts on to trace him had gone in vain.

Speculation was then rife that he could be in Bengaluru and may join the BJP. Singh had contested on a Congress ticket and won the Vijaynagar seat.

Kumarswamy had yesterday (May 17) accused the BJP of using the Enforcement Directorate (ED) threats to coerce Singh to join the BJP. Kumaraswamy quoted another Congress MLA, who was said to in touch with Singh, as saying that he feared that Centre may let ED loose behind him if he does not join the BJP.

[After Anand Singh is Pratap Patil in line to join BJP]

After Anand Singh, it emerged that the Congress is missing another MLA Pratap Gowda Patil. The MLA from Maski had reportedly showing an inclination to support the BJP and was not reachable since Thursday morning.

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