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10:00 AM, 27-May-2023

Chances of rain in Delhi NCR for next two to three days

According to the Meteorological Department, due to the activation of Western Disturbance in the Western Himalayan region, intermittent light rain and winds are expected in and around Delhi NCR for the next two to three days. Heat wave conditions prevailed in some parts of Delhi on Monday and Tuesday. On May 22, the maximum temperature was recorded at 43.7 and on May 23, the minimum temperature was recorded at 43.5. At the same time, in some areas the temperature had reached 46 degrees. But from the night of 23 May the weather took a turn. Since then the weather has remained pleasant.

09:42 AM, 27-May-2023

Four flights were diverted to Jaipur: Airport

Airport officials have informed that a total of four flights were diverted to Jaipur this morning due to bad weather. All the flights were coming to Delhi from different cities.

09:22 AM, 27-May-2023

temperature drop due to rain

For the past several days, the people of Delhi-NCR were troubled due to the heat. For the past few days, the mercury remained above 45 in many areas of Delhi. Today’s rain has changed the weather. Due to this the temperature is expected to drop significantly and also for the next few days, the Meteorological Department has predicted intermittent rain and clouds. Due to the activation of Western Disturbance, the remaining five days of the month of May will be pleasant.

09:16 AM, 27-May-2023

Continued rain with strong winds

The country’s capital Delhi continues to rain continuously with strong winds. The video is from India Gate.

09:08 AM, 27-May-2023

Trees falling in some areas

Some areas of Delhi’s Jantar Mantar have been waterlogged. Apart from this, there is also news of tree falling in some areas.

08:37 AM, 27-May-2023

windy rain

In the national capital Delhi, it rained with strong winds in the morning, providing respite to the people from the heat. The video is from Shantivan.

08:22 AM, 27-May-2023

respite from the heat

It is raining heavily in the capital Delhi. People have got relief from the heat after the rain.

08:14 AM, 27-May-2023

The Meteorological Department had warned of rain and strong wind

Earlier, the Meteorological Department informed that a group of clouds is passing through Delhi-NCR. Light to moderate rain and thundershower with gusty wind speed reaching 40-70 kmph very likely over Delhi-NCR & neighborhood during next 2 hours

08:06 AM, 27-May-2023

People got relief from heat after change in weather

A sudden change in the weather was observed in the capital Delhi. People have got relief from the heat after the change in the weather. It is raining heavily in the capital Delhi.

08:01 AM, 27-May-2023

Delhi airport issued advisory

In the advisory issued by Delhi Airport, passengers have been advised to contact airlines for information related to their flights.

07:57 AM, 27-May-2023

Delhi NCR Weather Live: Rain with strong winds in Delhi-NCR, impact on flights due to low visibility

It is raining in Delhi-NCR. Lightning is flashing and at the same time strong winds are also blowing. The visibility on the roads is also low due to thunderstorms and dark clouds. Flights are also reported to be affected due to rain accompanied by thunderstorms and strong winds.

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