Policeman Buys Slippers, Clothes For Homeless Boy; Internet Gets Emotional

Last Updated: April 26, 2023, 11:00 IST

The policeman also got new clothes for the boy.

The video shows a police officer offering water to a homeless boy.

The primary job of a police officer is to stop crime and establish peace in the society. They are known to help ordinary people when in trouble and provide a safe space. But sometimes we tend to associate the police force with terror and panic because of how harshly they speak and behave. Also, movies have somewhat tainted our perception of the police, making us believe that only corruption and bribery exist among the police force. But, this heart-warming video of a policeman’s kindness and generosity towards a poor boy, living on the streets will change your perception of the police.

The lovely visual clip was shared on Instagram on April 25 by a user named Abhay Giri. The video shows a police officer offering water to a homeless boy. After he finishes drinking from the bottle, the policeman surprised the boy with another thoughtful gift. He brought out a pair of blue slippers for the boy to wear and assisted him in wearing those. The boy, supposedly overwhelmed at the kind gesture, sported a beaming smile on his face and tried to touch the feet of the policeman.

After offering water to the boy and giving him new slippers to wear, the police officer once again showed his generosity by surprising the lad with new clothes which included a pair of pants and a blue shirt. Elated at his new gifts, the boy could not seem to control his smile as he yet again tried to touch the police officer’s feet with the utmost respect. By the end of the video, the boy struck a goofy pose while the policeman looked at him with affectionate eyes.

“This smile wins the heart,” reads the caption of the post. The video was quick to lure in social media users, who lauded the police officer for his kindness. “Good job sir,” praised one user. “Very nice sir, we salute you. Jai Hind, sir,” wrote another impressed netizen. “Sir, salute from the heart. I am feeling proud to see your good work. I wish every police were like this,” wished a third individual.

So far, the heart-touching video has collected more than 3 lacs and 35 thousand views on Instagram. Did the video melt your heart too?

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