London Man Blocks Bus To Cause A Traffic Jam, All Because He Was Late

Last Updated: April 26, 2023, 14:45 IST

The bus driver eventually opened the door to let the man in. (Representative Image)

The man talks to the bus driver through the windshield as cars behind lined up in a queue.

If you are running late to catch a bus, what would you do? Maybe wait for the next one, right? But this fellow ended up causing a massive traffic jam after he missed his bus. Footage of the incident that took place in London instantly went viral after it was shared online on TikTok, as per LADBible. The man apparently chose to block the vehicle’s pathway after missing it. However, his actions ended up causing multiple vehicles to line up one behind the other on the narrow pathway. In the video, the man is seen standing right in front of a double-decker bus.

It appears to be a busy street, but the man doesn’t pay much heed leading the vehicles behind to come to an abrupt halt for quite a long distance. The man talks to the driver through the windshield as the cars behind wait patiently. It is only surprising that no honking can be heard in the background. The bus driver eventually opens the door as the bloke makes a run to get inside the vehicle in haste.

As the man successfully boards the bus after which the vehicle is set back in motion once again. “Look at this. Stopping the bus until you can jump on,” the TikToker user who recorded the video can be heard saying in the background. “Look at the traffic he’s caused. He’s caused traffic just because he couldn’t get on the bus. Look at all the traffic,” the bystander reveals. In a funny move, the TikToker also used a hilarious caption while sharing the video. “I know what to do when I miss the bus now,” he wrote.

If the clip is anything to go by, it seems that the man’s trick might work sometimes. However, it is highly advisable to be punctual and follow the daily schedule of public transport vehicles to avoid any inconvenience. In the comment section of the video, many users highlighted what usually happens during such incidents, while a few lauded his ballsy move. “My bus driver would just hit me,” one reportedly joked, another added, “I salute him.” One more revealed they used this technique several times, “I used to run out in front of the bus so it can’t get past me.”

The TikTok clip has amassed over six lakh views on the social media platform, as per the report.

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