Lawyer’s senior apologizes for misbehaving with Judge Vivek Agarwal

Jabalpur: During the hearing in the case of Pandit Dhirendra Krishna Shastri in the MP High Court, Justice Vivek Aggarwal scolded a lawyer. I had told you that I will send you to jail. Now a new twist has come in this matter. The lawyer’s senior who misbehaved with Justice Vivek Aggarwal has apologized in the courtroom. Before apologizing, the senior lawyer urged the judge to stop the live streaming, sir. I request. On this, Justice Vivek Aggarwal said that yes, don’t you speak.
The senior lawyer told the judge in the courtroom that Sir, I express my regret for whatever happened that day. On this, Justice Vivek Aggarwal says that come and talk in the chamber. The advocate apologizing said that Sir, I do not talk in the chamber because many of our colleagues say that they should talk about something else there.

MP Highcourt: I will finish all the legal practice, I will send you to jail… Heated debate between the judge and the lawyer during the hearing on Bageshwar Dham
After this the senior advocate said that Sir, first of all listen to me. I express my regret for whatever happened that day from the lawyer’s side. I express the field on behalf of the Bar Council. On this Justice Vivek Aggarwal said thank you. At the same time, Justice Vivek Aggarwal said that I have nothing to do with all these things. I was just asking him two questions, in what way and what beliefs would be hurtful. He was not answering our questions.

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Justice Vivek Aggarwal also said that he was accusing us that you do not want to listen to us. On this, the senior advocate said that not only I, the whole country has seen that video. More than half a million people have seen it. Sir, the comments coming on him are against the dignity of the entire judiciary. The judge said that I do not see these things.

Debate between lawyer and Justice Vivek Aggarwal who came to fight the case against Bageshwar Dham, said – I will send you to jail

The senior advocate said that it is against the lawyers, against the judges and going against the judiciary. The advocate told this to Justice Vivek Aggarwal that Sir, the anger from your side was too much. On this, Justice Vivek Aggarwal said that he will take care.

It may be noted that a few days ago, Sarva Adivasi Samaj had filed a petition in the MP High Court against the story of Pandit Dhirendra Krishna Shastri. During the hearing on this petition, there was a debate between Justice Vivek Aggarwal and the lawyer. The petition was later dismissed by Justice Vivek Aggarwal.

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