Civil Services: 82 former Babus expressed concern, said- Efforts are being made to change the character of civil services

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Highlighting the lateral recruitment and proposed changes in civil service deputation rules, a group of 82 former civil servants on Thursday wrote to President Draupadi Murmu. In the letter, he expressed concern over “systematic efforts” being made to change the character of the civil services.

In an open letter, he appealed to them to convey their concerns to the central government, warning them that the attempt to change the character of the civil services was fraught with great danger and would lead to the end of constitutional government in India.

The letter states that a concerted effort is being made to change the character of the civil services, especially the IAS and IPS. We would like to contact you on a matter which has been causing us great concern recently and we feel obliged to bring it to your notice.

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