Brazilian-British television personality Jessica Alves changed her gender after dozens of plastic surgeries.


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Jessica Alves

Jessica Alves:
Jessica Alves was born as Rodrigo Alves (Male) but at that time even Rodrigo did not know that he would change his gender. Brazilian-British television personality Rodrigo not only changed his gender by undergoing dozens of surgeries, but also changed his entire personality. Let’s know why Jessica took such a big step and why Rodrigo is known as Human Ken Doll.

Who is Jessica Alves?

Rodrigo aka Jessica Alves is a Brazilian-British television personality. Jessica Alves was born as Rodrigo Alves on 30 July 1983 in Brazil. Alves grew up in Brazil and moved to London at the age of 19, where she attended the London School of Economics.

Before becoming a TV personality, Alves worked as an air steward. When she was young, her grandfather bought her a Barbie doll and allowed her to wear whatever clothes she wanted. It was from here that Alves’ passion for dolls grew.

Alves did gender change in 2020

On January 4, 2020, Alves came out as transgender. On July 13, 2020, Alves announced that she had changed her name from Rodrigo to Jessica. Jessica Alves made a name for herself after spending thousands of pounds on plastic surgery to look like a Ken doll. Known as Rodrigo, Jessica changed her appearance to look like a Barbie doll.

How did Rodrigo Alves look before plastic surgery?

Rodrigo Alves

Alves underwent her first nose surgery at the age of 19 and never looked back, followed by dozens of surgeries. Alves himself has admitted that he looked very different as a teenager and had to make many changes to transform himself. In the old pictures of Rodrigo, he looked like a handsome man.

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surgery done at which place

Jessica first decided to have surgery in 2004. To become the doll, Rodrigo Alves has had hair implants, a brow lift, eye lifts, ears pinned back, cheeks redesigned and jawline reshaped. Get cheek implants done. Cut the lips at the edge of the lips for a big smile. Rodrigo got fillers injected into his shoulders, biceps, triceps and abs. His six packs came from plastic surgery.

What cosmetic procedures has Jessica Alves had?

Jessica Alves has a long list of surgeries-
botox and fillers,
nose job,
jaw liposuction,
pec implant,
artificial six-pack,
arms full,
hair implant,
laser lipo,
leg lipo,
calf shaping
hip shaping

Jessica made these changes to change the female body
remove six-pack,
breast implant,
forehead work,
titanium face implant,
jawline change,
chin change,
long hair
lip filler
got eye work done

After doing so many surgeries, now Jessica has completely converted into a woman or say that she has converted into a doll. Even Jessica has done many of her photoshoots with modeling and has shared a lot of photos of these photoshoots on social media. Jessica is followed by 7.4 million people on Instagram itself.

english summary

Brazilian-British television personality Jessica Alves changed her gender after dozens of plastic surgeries.

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