Banks FInancial Institutions to Verify Headers Templates TRAI Direct to Crackdown Spam Pesky Text SMS Details

TRAI gave some important instructions to some other institutions including banks, financial institutions, stating that they need to immediately complete the process of verifying message headers and content templates. The regulator has been working for some time now to take various steps to protect consumers, one of which is to protect them from objectionable messages.

TRAI has warned that any delay in obtaining the verification of header and content template from the Principal Entities (PE) may result in blocking of their headers, content templates and messages, reports news agency PTI. TRAI says that the regulator will review this process in the next two weeks and may issue suitable instructions if needed.

Banks and other finance related entities such as insurance companies, trading companies, trading entities etc. send messages to telecom customers through SMS and these entities are categorized as Principal Entities (PE) in TRAI regulations.

As per TRAI regulations, in future any commercial communication can be carried out only using the registered header assigned to the PE. Header is an alphanumeric string that is assigned to PE for commercial communication. If any communication happens contrary to the registered header or content template, the SMS will not reach the user.

The report further states that TRAI has observed that some PEs have registered a large number of header and content templates and at times these are being misused by some of the telemarketers. To prevent this, TRAI had on February 16, 2023 directed reverification of all registered headers and content templates on the DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) platform and blocking of all unverified headers and message templates within 30 and 60 days respectively. Gave.

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