Rampur: Azam Khan became emotional after hearing the verdict, expressed his pain in front of the judge, said – today I got justice

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Azam Khan got emotional after hearing the verdict of acquittal of giving hate speech. Addressing the bench in the courtroom itself, he said that I would not have felt sad if the decision had gone against me, but today the decision has come in my favor and I have got justice.

In this case, when the MP-MLA Court Magistrate Trial gave its verdict on 27 October 2022, Azam Khan had said at that time that I am convinced of your justice. This was the maximum punishment. I get bail without that, but I am on bail, but I am convinced of justice. I have come alone after serving jail. Stayed in Corona for five to six months. Several operations were done in a month and a half. I have not lost courage and the doors are not closed yet. The fight will continue. Legal avenues are open.

But on Wednesday, Azam Khan became emotional after the lower court’s decision and expressed his pain to the judge. He said that I have got justice from the court. Azam Khan entered the court room at 12 noon accompanied by his two sons. The court read out the verdict which was heard by Azam Khan, his elder son Adeeb Azam and Abdullah Azam. Azam Khan put his signature on the decision of the court. After staying for about 20 minutes, he left with his supporters and SP leaders.

Remarks were made against PM Modi and CM Yogi

In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, SP-BSP alliance candidate from Rampur parliamentary seat, Azam held a public meeting in Khata Nagariya village on April 7, 2019. It is alleged that Azam Khan had commented on PM Narendra Modi, CM Yogi Adityanath and the then District Magistrate Anjaneya Kumar Singh, whose video also went viral. Anil Chauhan, in-charge of the video observation team, lodged the report at Milak Kotwali. Charge sheet was filed.

What happened when…

  • On 7 April 2019, Azam Khan held a public meeting in Khatanagariya village. He commented against the people sitting on constitutional posts. Whose video went viral. After that, Anil Kumar Chauhan, in-charge of the video observation team, filed a case in police station Milak.
  • Case filed on 9 April 2019
  • On March 17, 2020, the police filed a charge sheet in the court after deliberations. After this the court took cognizance.
  • Charges framed on Azam Khan on 12 November 2021

Cases registered under these sections

  • Section 153-A IPC i.e. inciting religious sentiments
  • Section 505-A IPC i.e. false statement to create enmity, hatred between communities
  • Section 125 of the Representation of the People Act Giving speech promoting enmity between communities for election.
  • On October 27, 2022, in the MP-MLA Court Magistrate Trial, Azam Khan was convicted and sentenced to three years imprisonment and a fine of Rs.6,000.
  • On 9 November 2022, Azam Khan challenged the lower court’s decision in the district judge’s court. After that the court transferred his appeal to the MP-MLA court session trial.
  • On May 11, 2023, the arguments of both the parties were completed – on May 24, 2023, canceling the decision of the lower court, Azam Khan was acquitted of dishonour. Along with this, the court said in its decision that Azam Khan is entitled to receive the amount of fine which he has deposited in the court.

Court’s decision came in 66 pages

The court’s judgment runs into 66 pages, in which the statements of the witnesses produced by the prosecution and the defense of the trial court, the Supreme Court, Nazir and Azam Khan of the High Court and the arguments of the prosecution have been mentioned. While the decision of the lower court was of 32 pages. In which the statements of all the witnesses, documents and CDs presented by the police have been mentioned.

SP leader Azam Khan has more than 90 cases registered

More than 90 cases are registered against SP leader Azam Khan. Whose trial is going on in the court. Azam Khan came out on bail in the month of May after being in Sitapur jail for 27 months. He surrendered in the Rampur court on 26 February 2020, in which his wife Dr. Tanjim Fatma and Abdullah Azam also went to jail with him. Currently all three are out on bail.

Cases have been registered against him in 26 Yatimkhana cases, 12 in Dungarpur and other cases including code of conduct violation, on charges of land grab by the farmers of Aliyaganj. Whose trial is going on in the court. So far, the decision of the court has come in one case. On October 27, Azam Khan was sentenced to three years and fined six thousand rupees by the lower court. Azam Khan has been acquitted in the MP-MLA court session trial on 24th May i.e. Wednesday, setting aside the decision of the lower court.

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