Moose Enters US Theatre, Munches On Delicious Popcorn

Last Updated: April 27, 2023, 11:33 IST

After satiating its popcorn cravings, the moose exited the theatre. (credits: Twitter/@JRodzMIA)

Surveillance footage shows the unexpected guest walking casually before turning towards a tray of popcorn.

A theatre in Alaska, US, had an unusual visitor showing up to munch on some snacks at the concession stand. The incident occurred last Wednesday, April 19, at the Kenai Cinemas around 9 pm. It was a moose who entered the theatre premises and the animal remained inside for a span of approximately five minutes. Surveillance footage shows the unexpected guest walking casually before its attention is diverted to a tray of popcorn. The animal eats the snack as two employees in the background watch in surprise.

Just seconds later, another angle of the CCTV camera features the moose walking out in peace. The general manager of the theatre, identified to be Ricky Black, told NBC affiliate KTUU the animal also turned to garbage contained places adjacent to the counter for more treats. The manager believes the taste of their popcorn left the moose impressed. “Our popcorn had him enticed. He was pretty focused on that. I guess he was tired of eating bark for the winter,” he joked.

Ricky also highlighted the animal was able to enter inside because a door was intentionally left open for allowing the cool breeze into the building. He suggests it’s their usual way of working at this time of the year. “It’s just so nice outside, and you want to let some of that fresh air in,” he added. After the animal ate theatre snacks, it was directed toward the exit way by an employee. The manager notes the young moose was harmless but their reaction would have been a tad bit different if it were a bull moose or a mama moose on the loose.

Just weeks ago, Providence Health Park in Alaska had to undergo a similar situation when a moose entered the hospital premises. CCTV footage of the incident shows the animal initially walking in the lobby area before it goes on to munch on a potted plant. The security staff of the medical facility watched the animal’s antics and were successfully able to direct it outside. Apparently, the animal was lured to the exit with some broken branches.

The hospital posted a video of the incident on Facebook stating, “We are sharing the amazing work of our Security Department for anyone who might be wondering ‘How exactly do you get a moose out of a building?’ With a lot of encouragement and from a safe distance, of course.”

The bystanders clapped and cheered once the animal safely made its way outside.

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