Job Cut..! Now thousands of people of these 2 big companies are going to lose their jobs. Lifestyle News in Hindi

Layoffs News: The cloud of layoffs in the entertainment industry is not taking its name. The process of layoffs continues in the giant company Walt Disney Laoffs.

Now the company has planned the third round of layoffs. According to the report of IANS, in this process of the company, at least more than 2500 employees may lose their jobs (Disney layoffs). The company has already made it clear that it is taking this step with the intention of cutting its expenses.

Which circle will be affected by the retrenchment

According to the report, due to the preparation of retrenchment, the company has also started removing many titles, but the jobs of the employees of the Parks and Resorts Division will be safe. Let us tell you that in the second round of retrenchment of the company, the people working in the television section were hit the most. According to Business Today’s report, after Disney’s third round of layoffs, the number of employees laid off by a company will be around 7,000 (Disney layoffs 7000 employees).

Disney CEO said this

It is worth noting that Disney CEO Bob Iger announced the layoffs in March 2023, saying that the company is going to lay off a total of 7,000 employees in the next few months. Earlier, Disney had planned a second round of layoffs in April 2023, in which a total of 4,000 employees were shown the way out.

Alibaba is also laying off

Tech conglomerate Alibaba has also decided to let thousands of workers out. According to Bloomberg’s report, the company has decided to cut a total of 7 per cent of its workforce. The company has taken this decision under restructuring. China’s biggest tech conglomerate Alibaba is cutting spending amid sluggish sales and a slowing economy.

(pc rights of employees)

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