Varun dhawan trolled for lifting gigi hadid and kissing her on the stage during NMACC

Varun Dhawan Trolled:
Many celebrities from India and abroad have reached the recently held NMACC program. Foreigners are also seen dressed in desi colors to participate in this grand ceremony. Many actors and actresses gave their performances in this show, but among all this Varun Dhawan’s profession has become a topic of discussion. He has done such an act, after seeing which people got angry.

Varun trolled
Now a video of Varun Dhawan has surfaced which is going viral and due to this video Varun Dhawan is facing trolling. In this video, he is seen lifting Hollywood supermodel Gigi Hadid in his lap. Not only this, he is also seen twirling her and kissing her on the cheek before leaving the stage. While watching the video, fans are also seen expressing their anger on social media.

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