Anupamaa Spoiler Alert Anupama Upcoming Twist 2 April Kanta Fires Anuj With Question


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Anupamaa Spoiler Alert

Anupamaa Spoiler Alert:
Today in the TV show ‘Anupama’ you will see that Anupama will come to know that Anuj is with Maya and knowing this the ground will slip from under her feet. On the other hand, in the Shah house, Samar will get angry on Anuj. Kavya will try to pacify everyone but Baa will once again add fuel to the fire. Bapuji would scold him on this. Kavya will get angry seeing Vanraj’s compassion for Anupama.

Anupama’s mother will get angry after knowing the truth.
Anupama’s mother will get angry about this act of Anuj and Anupama will say that Anuj is not in his senses, he has not gone to Maya but to his younger sister. Anupama’s mother will point fingers at Anuj’s character to which Anupama will ask not to point fingers at her husband’s love. Anupama defends Anuj in front of her mother and says that she is happy to know that Anuj is fine and after meeting Chhoti, he must have been overjoyed and does not want anything. But Anupama’s mother does not want to let Anuj go like this.

Anuj wants to meet Chhoti alone
Anuj prepares to leave Maya’s house but Chhoti Anu stops him and seeing Chhoti, Maya also starts stopping Anuj. Anuj will tell Chhoti that he is in this city and he will come to meet her everyday, on which Chhoti will ask about Anupama. Anuj will tell Maya that if Chhoti asks to meet him, he should send Chhoti alone to meet her as he wants to meet his daughter alone. Maya will be ready for this.

Vanraj will reach to meet Anupama.
Anupama’s mother will reach Maya’s house. Anupama, on the other hand, is upset that her mother has gone to talk to Anuj in anger and this could only escalate the matter and lead to a fight. When Vanraj goes to Anupama’s house to meet her, Anupama’s brother will lash out at Vanraj. Anupama will also greet Vanraj with folded hands. There is a fear in Anupama’s mind that the conversation with her mother may get worse.

Anupama’s mother will shower questions
Anupama’s mother will reach Maya’s house and then she will bombard Anuj with her questions. Anupama’s mother will say what sin has she committed that she has left her daughter. She will say that she blames God, circumstances, luck for what happened to her but her daughter is not responsible for all this. Anupama’s mother will tell that she has left her home and has come to live with her and Anuj is shocked to hear this.

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  • Anupamaa: Maya will reach Anuj before Anupama, greed rekindles in Barkha’s mind

  • TV’s cultured daughter-in-law Anupamaa met the very bold Urfi Javed, the difference between land and sky is clearly visible in the picture

  • Vanraj will try to take advantage of Anupamaa’s helplessness, will poison against Anuj

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  • People got angry after hearing about separation from Anupamaa, angry people demanded to stop the show

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Anupamaa Spoiler Alert Anupama Upcoming Twist 2 April Kanta Fires Anuj With Question

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