After PM Modi Claims People Gave ‘Supari’ To Dent His Image, Kapil Sibal Says ‘Let’s Prosecute Them’ | India News

New Delhi: A day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that some people have given ‘supari (contract)’ to dent his image, Rajya Sabha MP Kapil Sibal on Sunday urged the PM to name them and said “let us prosecute them”.

What PM Narendra Modi said in Bhopal

Addressing a gathering at Rani Kamalapati railway station in Bhopal after flagging off a Vande Bharat Express train, Modi had said that some people are hellbent to sully his image and they have given a “supari” (contract) for this purpose, colluding with certain people sitting in India and also outside the country.

Reacting to the remarks, Sibal said, “Modi ji’s charge: ‘They have given a contract to..people, some within the country and some..,outside the country to dig Modi’s grave’. Please let us know the names of these: 1) individuals 2) institutions or 3) countries.”

“This cannot be a state secret. Let us prosecute them,” Sibal said.

Kapil Sibal asks PM Modi to reveal the names of people referred to in his statement

In his remarks, Modi said, “There are some people in our country who have been determined since 2014, spoken publicly and declared their resolve that they will tarnish Modi’s image. For this, they have given ‘supari’ (contract) to various people.”

“Some people are sitting inside the country to support these people and some are doing their work sitting outside the country. These people have been continuously trying to spoil and dent Modi’s image,” he had said.

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But India’s poor, the middle class, tribals, Dalits, backward classes and every Indian has become the security cover of Modi, which made these people furious forcing them to adopt new tricks, the prime minister had said.

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