Watch Reporter’s Emotional Reunion With Son During School Shooting

Last Updated: March 25, 2023, 16:56 IST

The reporter turned emotional as she hugged her son. (Image Credit : Twitter/@BryanLlenas)

Reporter, Alicia Acuna, hugs her son during a live broadcast while reporting on the scene of a shooting at his high school.

A shooting at a high school in the United States turned out to be too personal for a reporter, who shared an emotional reunion with her son during a live broadcast of the incident. Fox News journalist Alicia Acuna was reporting on Denver’s East High School Shooting when her son, who was at the same institute, ran up to her and gave her a tight hug. Acuna looked very emotional as she welcomed her son back. A few moments later, she went back to being completely professional. “I am sorry, I have not seen my kid since this all went down,” Acuna said before resuming her reporting duties.

In the video, she admitted that her son was keeping her updated about the shootout in his school. She admitted that it was quite “weird” for her to balance between doing her job as a journalist and being concerned for her son.

The footage was shared by Bryan Llenas, national correspondent, Fox News. “Colleague and friend Alicia Acuña did a remarkable job reporting live from a shooting at her children’s high school in Denver today. Here she is hugging her son. So glad they are safe. Love you Alicia,” he wrote while sharing the clip.


Twitter users were left impressed by Acuna’s professionalism. “She’s a pros pro. True professional, more importantly an amazing mom and human,” a comment read.

Others said it must have been tough for the reporter to balance between her concern for her kid’s safety and her job.

Quite a few people hoped that this video would encourage a broader debate on gun control.

Some users took offence that Acuna apologised for hugging her son before she resumed reporting.

“I cried watching this live, now I’m crying again. God bless you Alicia!” a user wrote.

Many people empathised with Acuna and narrated how they had faced similar situations.

The East High School Shooting occurred on Wednesday, March 23, when the alleged perpetrator, identified as Austin Lyle, shot and injured two school administrators. The 17-year-old was later found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound near the school.

After the incident, the local school board voted unanimously to suspend its ban on armed guards and police officers in schools till June 30.

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