Here’s How to Set Up a Pollution Testing Centre Business

PUC centre has developed into a viable self-employment option

A yellow cabin with dimensions of 2.5m X 2.0m x 2.0m must house the PUC centre when it first opens.

Car owners are now more aware of the need to renew their insurance and obtain regular pollution control certificates for their vehicles due to the stringent fines for violations prescribed under the Motor Vehicle Act 2019. While some people do not like the strict motor vehicle regulations, others can earn up to Rs 5,000 per day by investing Rs 10,000 all at once. PUC centre, also known as Pollution Under Control Centre, is the easy way to provide employement.

According to the new Motor Vehicle Act 2019, people are particularly cautious about the PUC certificate because failure to have one will result in Rs 10,000 fine. Ironically, a vehicle owner can pay between Rs 20 and Rs 200 at the PUC centre to obtain a NOC.

As a result, vehicle owners often swarm the queue outside the PUC centres in search of the PUC certificate. The present number of PUC centres is insufficient to issue NOC to all vehicle owners arriving at their centres. Therefore, the PUC centre has developed into a viable self-employment option for an unemployed person because it only requires Rs 10,000 investment and offers the potential for daily earnings of up to Rs 5,000.

A step-by-step guide for establishing a PUC centre is provided below:

1:To establish the PUC centre, submit an application for a licence at the Regional Transport Office (RTO)

2: One must submit an application to the closest RTO office from their address as per any official ID

3: A PUC centre could be established close to a gas station or a car repair shop

4: Include a Rs 10 affidavit with your registration application

5: Include terms and conditions in the declaration for Rs 10

6: Obtain a NOC from the municipality

7: The cost to issue a PUC centre licence varies depending on the jurisdiction

8: Online PUC centre licence applications are accepted in some jurisdictions. To register for the PUC centre online, go to and log in.

As mentioned above, various states charge different fees for the PUC centre licence. The PUC centre licence application in Delhi-NCR needs a security deposit of Rs 5,000 and an annual fee of Rs 5,000.

Terms and Condition

A yellow cabin with dimensions of 2.5m X 2.0m x 2.0m must house the PUC centre when it first opens. PUC centre is required to make its registration number visible to clients. It may be established by a person, business, society or charity. A PUC centre can only be opened by someone with an engineering degree in automotive engineering, motor mechanics, auto mechanics, scooter mechanics or ITI.


It should be mentioned that the government sticker, which costs only Rs 2, must be attached when issuing pollution certificates to vehicle owners. For purchasing these stickers, a PUC centre owner must give the government Rs 2. The remaining money for the pollution certificate fee becomes entirely the owner’s income. Therefore, a PUC centre owner can earn at least Rs 5,000 if he issues pollution certificates to 50 cars in a day.

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