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Internet Desk. If you also start having any problem in your body, then your body itself starts indicating you. By which you come to know that you have a problem. In such a situation, the main part of our body is the kidney, if it gets damaged, then your life comes in trouble. In such a situation, you should understand that your kidney is sick.

weight loss

If your body weight is decreasing on its own without doing anything, then you need to consult a doctor immediately. When the kidney does not work, the amount of toxins in the body starts increasing. It affects appetite. Due to this, the weight starts decreasing rapidly. In this case, see a doctor.

passing urine frequently

Along with this, if there is a problem in the kidney, then you will get another indication and that is that you will have problem of urine again and again in the night. By the way, urine comes in this way even after having diabetes. If there is no diabetes, then you may have kidney problems.

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