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If you are planning to visit a variety of places on your bike, then Leh Ladakh bike tour is the best. Ladakh is one of the most unique place which will make your trip memorable. The contrast of valleys, freshwater rivers, and snow-capped mountains attracts a large number of tourists throughout the year. Today we will tell you about some important things to go on a bike trip to Leh-Ladakh.

first aid box

You must keep a first aid kit while going on a bike trip in the mountains. Keep necessary medicines for fever, headache, cough and cold during the journey. Injuries can happen during your trek or bike ride, so you must remember to keep a first aid box.


While traveling, keep all your important documents with you. Keep your bike documents including your driving license. When registering at checkpoints in Ladakh, you must have a government-issued identity card and several photocopies of the same.

extra petrol

You may need petrol on the way during long journeys. Carry 10 to 20 liters of extra petrol. Since petrol stations are located far and wide across Ladakh, one must fill up the tank of your bike completely to ensure a smooth ride.

Light meal to increase energy

Getting regular food or finding a food outlet can be difficult when traveling in hilly areas. That’s why some packaged food should be taken along. You can also carry easy-to-make noodles or oats, which can be eaten as a quick energy booster during strenuous bike rides in the mountainous regions of Ladakh. Carry extra food supplies like chocolates, dry fruits, biscuits, glucose and energy bars.


It is often a smart idea to carry enough cash when traveling to Leh-Ladakh as it is not always possible to withdraw money from ATMs during the ride.

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