Sheikh Mujibur Rahman: The truth about the murder of the founder of Bangladesh

  • Rehan Fazal
  • bbc correspondent

image source, Douglas Miller

This article about the assassination of Bangladesh founder Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was first published on PRESS24 NEWS Hindi on 26 March 2014 I went, today on his birthday Today Read once again this article written by Rehan Fazal –

On March 7, 1971, the Racecourse ground of Dhaka was packed with people. There were about one million people with bamboo sticks in their hands, not to ward off a possible attack by Pakistani soldiers, but as a symbol of resistance or defiance.

Slogans in favor of freedom were not taking the name of stopping. A Pakistani army helicopter was circling above to take stock of the crowd.

Defying the government order, Radio Pakistan’s Dhaka station was making final preparations to broadcast Sheikh Mujib’s speech live across the province.

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