Recipe Tips: It is very easy to make coconut barfi, everyone will like the taste

Internet Desk. Everyone likes sweet food. You will also be one of them. In such a situation, you would also go to the shop as soon as you get a chance and buy sweets and eat them. In such a situation, today we have brought for you the recipe for making coconut barfi. Which you can easily make at home and enjoy.


coconut flakes 200 grams
Sugar 3 tbsp
dry fruits
ghee as needed


First of all you have to take coconut shavings, after that you have to take a heavy bottom pan and roast this shavings. After this, you have to prepare a syrup of two strings. You have to make the syrup thick. After this you have to fry the dry fruits in ghee. After this you have to add coconut and sugar syrup and mix till the mixture becomes thick. After this apply some ghee in a plate and then take out the mixture in the plate. Cut into desired shape and garnish with dry fruits on top.

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