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Internet Desk. He likes every part of the human body, in such a situation, he always wants to keep it safe. Apart from this, his skin is also like that, he loves it, in such a situation, he does not let anything happen to him. But some mistakes made by you harm your skin. In such a situation, we are telling you what things you have to take care of.

hot shower

By the way, people mostly take bath with hot water in winter. But if you still do this work then it can be harmful for you. Using hot water causes a lot of damage to your skin and hair. Due to this the skin becomes dry.

salt and sugar intake

Apart from this, if you consume salt and sugar in excess, then it can also be dangerous for your skin. Salt contains sodium which makes the skin dry, lifeless and sugar reduces the collagen level of the skin. In such a situation, the consumption of both these things can be a danger for you.

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