TV Actress Daljeet Kaur Ex Wife of Bigg Boss 16 Contetant Shalin Bhanot Going to Remarry With Businessman Nikhil Patel


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At this time, there is talk of Siddharth Kiara’s marriage everywhere, everyone wants to know every detail of their marriage, but in the meantime, another actress has informed the fans about settling down. Yes, TV world’s famous actress Daljit Kaur has given information through social media that she is going to settle down soon. On hearing this news, his fans have become very impatient. Not only this, the actress is also saying that she will shift abroad after this marriage. His fans seem very happy with this decision of Daljeet and they are congratulating him.

Daljit will go abroad

Dalljiet Kaur was single for a long time and she was taking care of her son by being a single mother. But now Daljeet has found a partner with whom she is going to settle down. Daljeet has recently shared a photo on social media, in which she and her partner Nick Patel are lying on the bed and both are looking at the camera. Sharing this photo, Dalljiet wrote that stars and luck played their part in bringing our hearts and souls closer. Our journey to be together forever begins now. New life, new country (Kenya in Africa), a new beginning. After coming in front of this post, people are praying to Daljit from the bottom of their hearts and wishing him a life full of happiness.

Got only pain from first marriage

Talking about Dalljiet Kaur’s partner, Nick Patel’s Instagram reveals that he is a businessman and lives in Kenya. He has two daughters, whom he loves very much. On the other hand, if we talk about Dalljiet Kaur, she married actor Shaleen Bhanot in the year 2009, who is currently locked in ‘Bigg Boss’ house. Everything was good between the two for a few years of marriage. Then after three years a son was born in the couple’s house. But gradually a rift started coming in their relationship. The matter came into limelight even more when Daljeet accused Shaleen and his family of domestic violence. After this both decided to separate and in 2015 i.e. after 6 years of marriage, they got divorced.

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TV Actress Daljeet Kaur Ex Wife of Bigg Boss 16 Contetant Shalin Bhanot Going to Remarry With Businessman Nikhil Patel.

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