arvind kejriwal slams budgetary aid to afghanistan

New Delhi : Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has questioned the allocation of Rs 200 crore in the Union Budget to aid Afghanistan. He questioned on Saturday whether it was right to give money to the Taliban-ruled country by “cutting” budgetary allocations for education, health and Delhi. Sharing a ‘news’ on the differences between the Center and the Supreme Court over the appointment of judges, Kejriwal advised the government not to ‘interfere’ in the work of others.

Kejriwal tweeted, ‘Why does the central government fight with everyone? From the judges, from the Supreme Court, from the state governments, from farmers and traders? Fighting with everyone will not lead to the progress of the country. Do your work and let others do theirs. Do not interfere in the work of others. In another tweet, Kejriwal again quoted a news item and asked, ‘Is it right to give money to Taliban by cutting education, health and Delhi funds in the country? People are strongly opposing it. The Center has set aside Rs 200 crore as aid to Taliban-ruled Afghanistan in its budget for 2023-24.

In the Union Budget, the Ministry of External Affairs has been allocated Rs 18,050 crore for 2023-24. This is 4.64 percent more than last year’s Rs 17,250 crore. Out of this, Rs 5,408 crore has been earmarked to be given to all the countries as assistance for development works by India. Apart from this, more than Rs 990 crore has been kept for India’s chairmanship of G-20.

Rs 200 crore has been kept in the budget to help Afghanistan. Maximum arrangement has been made in the budget to help any country, then it is Bhutan, which will be given Rs 2400 crore. This is 41.04 percent of the amount given by the Ministry of External Affairs to help in the development of other countries. Apart from Bhutan, Maldives will also be given assistance of Rs 400 crore from India for projects like Greater Male Connectivity Project.

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