vande bharat express, Opinion: Vande Bharat Express made ‘dustbin’… Oops! Vande Bharat Express made dustbin when do we change why we left garbage behind

New Delhi: Thrown water bottles. Food cans, polythene bags and packets scattered scattered. People are shocked to see such filth in their homes. But, not while getting out and traveling. During this, the attitude makes a U-turn. It stops making any difference. Its pattern has been seen once again. Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer Awanish Sharan has shared the picture of Vande Bharat Express. In this, a pile of garbage is visible inside the train. Dirt is visible on the floor. In the picture, the sweeper holding the broom looks perplexed. Vande Bharat Express is the face of ‘Make in India’ campaign. Its coaches are made at the Integral Coach Factory in Chennai. This is a collision train of Rajdhani and Shatabdi. In this train special care is taken for the convenience of the passengers. Even after this, if there is such filth in the train, no one else can be blamed for it. If we do not take care of our things, then no government of the world can do anything even if it wants to.

Avneesh Sharan’s post went viral as soon as he shared the picture of the train. People started reacting fiercely on this. People wrote that people in their country do not know their duty. Let’s just talk about rights. People want better facilities and good infrastructure. It is another matter that they have no idea how to keep it clean and take care of it. Sharing the picture, the IAS officer wrote the first three words of the Preamble of the Indian Constitution as ‘We the People’. Many people got angry seeing the garbage inside the Vande Bharat Express.

Opinion: Who are these people defaming Bihar? Jail those who threw stones at Vande Bharat Train
When the house is kept clean then why not the train?
People take great care of cleanliness in their homes. He sweeps and mops several times throughout the day. Do not tolerate any dirt on the floor. This sensitivity is not visible outside. Take the example of trains. People eat and drink anything and throw it in the train. From the beginning of the train journey till the end, it has turned into a dustbin. Toilets start to smell. The sink starts to stink. Dirt is visible everywhere on the floor. Then we complain. Whereas the truth is that many of us never flush after using the toilet. They don’t even bother to search the dustbin after eating.

Government does not earn money, these are our things
The government does not go anywhere to earn. The government takes money from us to build all the infrastructure including roads, trains, buildings and bridges. This money is collected as tax. Every citizen of the country pays tax. Then whether it is directly or indirectly. We also pay for the repair and maintenance of this infrastructure. It is our misfortune if we do not keep our trains, monuments, parks and roads clean. Everything cannot be expected from the government.

Vande Bharat: Stone pelting on Vande Bharat Express again in Bengal, attacked 4 times in 21 days
Why do trains become targets for vandalism?
Wherever and whatever the nature of the protests across the country, the protesters are the first to be seen on the train tracks. There have been several cases when trains and buses were set ablaze during protests. It is also beyond understanding why people pelt stones at trains. If you look at the statistics, last year more than 1,500 cases of stone pelting on running trains were registered across the country. More than 400 people were arrested in these cases. According to railway data, Vande Bharat trains have also suffered due to this. An example of this was found earlier this month itself. Then stones were pelted on Vande Bharat. Many glasses of the train were broken in this. Vande Bharat is completely made in India. Cases of stone pelting have been in the headlines on this. If India really wants to fulfill the dream of Clean Rail – Clean India, then Indians will have to change their thinking.

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