Chahatt Khanna talk about meeting and marriage proposal form sukesh chandrasekhar in jail



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The names of Jacqueline Fernandes and Nora Fatehi have been associated with Mahathug Sukesh Chandrasekhar. At the same time, TV actress Chahat Khanna has revealed that she met Sukesh in Tihar Jail. Where she was surprised to see Sukesh’s luxury life. According to media reports, Chahat Khanna told that the room in Tihar Jail was full of laptops, watches and luxury items.

Along with this, many big branded bags were also kept from all over the world. Chahat further told that there was a sofa there. There was a portable AC, a chair as well as a fridge. Chahat said that all kinds of facilities were available in a small room. Chahat also reveals that Sukesh proposed her for marriage in jail. Chahat tells that Sukesh said that he is my fan.

He has been watching many of my TV shows. I was surprised to hear this. I shouted at Sukesh in the jail. I again said that I have two children and I am married. Even after this, Sukesh kept his marriage proposal open for me. She immediately told me that your husband is not a good person. Not only this, he also told me that he would get married and become the father of my children.

Chahat Khanna got very nervous after hearing all this. She started crying in front of Sukesh in the jail itself. Please inform that Chahat had gone to Delhi on 18 May 2018. He met a woman at the Mumbai airport. Which changed her car and took her to Tihar Jail. When Chahat asked the woman about the event, she said that she has to go to the event in school via jail. Chahat said that she was very nervous in jail thinking of her children. Chahat said that from there I left and went to the airport. That woman gave me 2 lakh rupees. I kept quiet at that time because I had to go home. Sukesh even took off his Versace watch and gave it to me.

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chahatt khanna talk about meeting and marriage proposal form sukesh chandrasekhar in jail

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