China: Coffins are being made day and night, how many people are dying in the Kovid wave?

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After ending the zero covid policy in China, a large number of people are getting infected.

Coffin makers are very busy these days in Shanxi province in the northern region of China. We saw skilled artisans carving vines into coffins made of fresh wood. He says that in the last few months he has not got any free time. They are doing this work without stopping.

The process of death of people from Kovid is going on in China. And it remains a matter of debate among the people that what is the real figure of deaths from Kovid in China.

In December, ending its zero covid policy in China, the covid restrictions were greatly eased.

According to the country’s top epidemiologist Wu Junyu, 80 percent of China’s population of more than a billion has come under the grip of this epidemic after the removal of Kovid restrictions in December.

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