Shahrukh Khan personal gym trainer revealed how hard he worked for Pathan’s amazing body. Shah Rukh Khan worked day and night for ‘Pathan’, worked hard for two years without taking leave for a tremendous body

Workout depends on the movie

Prashant revealed that Shah Rukh Khan works out for three or four days a week if there is no film, but he increases it if the script of the film demands it. Prashant also revealed that Shahrukh Khan worked hard in the gym for 18 months continuously without leaving a single day for Pathan. Along with the body, a lot of work was also done on Shahrukh Khan’s look.

  never said no

never said no

Prashant revealed that Shah Rukh Khan never refused to do whatever Shah Rukh Khan asked him to do. Shah Rukh Khan worked hard on his body for ‘Pathan’ for one and a half years. It is the result of hard work and dedication of Shahrukh Khan that he made such a body.

workout on video call

workout on video call

About Shah Rukh Khan, his trainer Prashant also revealed that he took workout sessions through video calls on Zoom. He took more protein diet and gave up sugar completely. Shah Rukh Khan has definitely silenced the critics with this film and has shown why he is the King Khan of Bollywood.

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