German Lady Who Sustained -23 Degree Celsius Finds Mumbai Winters Cold, Mumbaikars Now Relieved

Last Updated: January 25, 2023, 15:54 IST

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Twitter user, Simi, posted how she was wrapped in woollen in Mumbai even after having sustained -23 degrees Celsius. It made netizens raise its brows and how.

It’s a never-ending debate that Mumbai’s winter is nothing in front of Delhi’s. While Mumbaikars can’t stop shivering in what is deemed to be ‘unbearable’ weather for them, Delhiites have just escaped from freezing temperatures that went down to even 1°C at the beginning of January. However, a German woman, who braved -23 degrees Celsius, shared how she is finding the Mumbai winter cold that made Twitter raise its brows and how!

Twitter user, Simi, posted how she was wrapped in woollen in Mumbai even after having sustained -23 degrees Celsius. Sitting in her Mumbai house with both the air conditioner and the fan switched off, Simi revealed how she couldn’t bear it without enveloping herself in warm woollen clothes. “I’m German. I’ve braved winters of -23° Celsius. Yet, I’m sitting in Mumbai with both AC and fan switched off wrapped in a Kilmora merino wool scarf… am I falling sick again or what is this?” she wrote on the micro-blogging site.

In no time, Mumbaikars rushed to the platfrom after somebody (if not everybody) understood what they actually felt about winters in Mumbai. Better late than never, huh? Of course!

“We don’t have internal heating in India so many people who are although accustomed to much colder winters in the West, feel cold here. Delhi is worse!” wrote a user while another one replied, “I’ve got socks on and a shawl for my head, another for my legs, and I’m under a duvet.”

Some even tried explaining the reason behind Simi facing the situation as one of them commented, “That’s the pollution which is adding to the climate.this effects most with pollen allergies.For me when am in Europe with minus degrees am perfectly fine not even a single sneeze or cold! But for me Bengaluru at 15 degree feel like 2 degrees .So that’s common will have to adopt .” “We dont have much of insulation – heat retention going in rooms / houses and almost no reverse cycle air-conditioning these coupled with dust, pollen and winds and these ensure you do feel cold,” stated the fourth user.

Not to miss, Delhiites also started taking a dig at her by highlighting the severe weather conditions in the national capital.

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