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New Delhi: Suspense is increasing on the mayoral election in the capital Delhi. Two dates for the election were fixed but the matter got stuck due to the uproar. On Tuesday morning it seemed that the election of the Mayor would be held today but the house was adjourned in the afternoon. BJP-AAP and Congress leaders are alleging that the mayoral election was stalled. AAP says BJP is running away from elections. Sanjay Singh claimed that AAP has the support of 151 corporators, MLAs and MPs while BJP has only 111 corporators and MPs. In fact, even after lagging behind in numbers, the way the BJP is claiming to have elected its mayor, it is not creating any equations. AAP leaders are saying that BJP’s intention is to capture MCD illegally. The tenure is over in March 2022 itself. AAP removed the BJP, which was in power in the MCD for 15 years, this time in the elections. Where is the problem now after the mayoral election? After all, till when will Delhi get a Mayor, this is a big question.

Shaili Oberoi from AAP and Rekha Gupta from BJP has been nominated as the mayoral candidate. Last time also on January 6, the mayor’s election could not be held due to uproar. On Tuesday, January 24, the swearing-in of nominated and elected councilors started from morning itself. When the presiding officer announced the mayoral election later in the afternoon, an uproar ensued. Councilors were seen pushing each other. Seeing the situation worsening, the House was adjourned.

Due to the greed of Aam Aadmi Party and BJP, the election of mayor and deputy mayor could not be held. The people of Delhi are pained to see the tussle between the Aam Aadmi Party and BJP leaders for the chair and the uproar in the House.

Delhi Pradesh Congress President Chaudhary Anil Kumar

respect for public opinion How will
The BJP and AAP may accuse each other of anything, but from the point of view of the public, what is happening is not right. The way a new government is formed after a certain time after the Lok Sabha and Assembly elections, in the same way Delhi’s ‘small government’ should also have been formed. In this way, public opinion is not being respected in a democratic system. The people of the capital elect councilors and mayors to deal with their local problems. In this way, the ruckus in the mayoral elections again and again is like breaking their trust. Problems like pollution, waste management are increasing day by day in Delhi. If you ask the people of Delhi, they say that this is all politics, it would have been better if the party and the opposition insisted on a better system.

what will happen next
If there is no mayor’s election even on January 24, what will happen now? There is a question in the mind of the people. Legal experts say that the presiding officer will have to finalize the next order of convening the House. Civic officials have said that they will again send the municipality file to the LG to decide on a new date. Anil Gupta, former chief law officer of the erstwhile NDMC, told TOI, “The LG assigns two responsibilities to the presiding officer – swearing in of elected councilors and nominated members and conducting the election of mayor-deputy mayor.” He said that till now only one work has been completed, in such a situation it is the responsibility of the presiding officer to convene the house for the mayoral election within 1-2 days.

How long will it take?
On the other hand, the spokesperson of the MCD has said that a new file is being sent to the LG office through the Delhi government so that a new date can be found for the mayoral election. Another official says that this process may take about 10 days. It is clear that the mayoral election is now possible only in the first or second week of February. BJP corporator and presiding officer Satya Sharma has claimed that she had appealed everyone to maintain peace in the House but the ruckus continued. He adjourned the proceedings twice before adjourning the House till the next date. He said that we had made complete preparations for the mayoral election, ballot boxes were kept in the house but some councilors started ruckus.

The AAP councilors have alleged that the BJP got the House adjourned when it realized it did not have the numbers. However, BJP corporator Yogesh Verma said that the election of mayor does not depend on the head count. This election is held by secret voting and there is every possibility that AAP corporators will vote in favor of BJP candidate. Verma claimed that this was the reason why AAP MPs and MLAs were creating ruckus. Actually, the anti-defection law does not apply in this election.

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