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Internet Desk. How much effort do you make and how many things do you use to maintain your beauty? But freckles falling on your face spoils your beauty. In such a situation, you go to the doctors many times and take medicines. But you do not get the result. In such a situation, if you take some measures, you will be benefited.

drink potato juice

You should drink potato juice to remove freckles from your face. This will not only remove your freckles but also keep your beauty intact. This will also give relief to your dark spots, freckles and sun tan. Potato contains vitamin C, potassium which removes dark spots and tanning. In this case, this is a useful thing for you.


Apart from this, you can also drink lemon water. It helps in detoxifying your body. It has antibacterial properties which cleanses your blood and improves your blood circulation. Drinking this will also clear your spots.

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