Shah Rukh Khan’s School Friends Were in ‘Mai Hoon Na’ and ‘Om Shanti Om’. Can You Spot Them?

Last Updated: January 24, 2023, 07:57 IST

SRK’s IRL school friends were in Om Shanti Om and Mai Hoon Na. (Screengrab via Twitter)

Shah Rukh Khan’s real-life school friends were in these scenes of Mai Hoon Na and Om Shanti Om. Fans love the wholesomeness.

Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Pathaan’ is just around the corner and as the superstar is set to return to the big screens after a gap of four long years, fans can hardly wait. The Internet is abuzz with old videos of SRK pulling off stunts and being the charmer that he is. Now, a Reddit user has shared an interesting tidbit about ‘Mai Hoon Na’ that’s warming people’s hearts.

Shah Rukh Khan went to Delhi’s St Columba’s School as a student and his group of friends were known as the C-Gang, short for ‘cool gang’, as per an Indiatimes report. The full gang comprised SRK along with Bikash Mathur, Vivek Khushalani, Raman Sharma and Ashok Vassan. Vivek and Raman from this very gang have a fleeting little role in ‘Mai Hoon Na’! They played peons at an ID counter.

In fact, the duo also appeared in ‘Om Shanti Om’. Farah Khan gave them speaking roles in the latter film after being impressed by their job in ‘Mai Hoon Na, as per the Indiatimes report.

That’s not it. SRK’s relatively recent film ‘Raees’ too was inspired by the C-Gang. “The actor has taken a leaf out his college days, with respect to the body language and the way he walked, and has incorporated them in the film,” an insider was quoted as saying in a Mid-Day report.

“When he came up, he brought everyone with him,” commented a Reddit user. “Heartwarming 😍 I stan the best,” said another.

Shah Rukh Khan, at least in his early years in Bollywood, was known for his romantic credentials but did you ever notice the action hero hidden in there? Thanks to Twitter user Pramit, people are waking up to the daring of SRK dancing away to glory on top of a moving taxi with no harnesses for ‘Anjaam’ song ‘Badi Mushkil Hai’. The Shah Rukh Khan and Madhuri Dixit starrer came out in 1994.

Watch the video here.

“No green screen. No wires. No padding. Dude’s literally winging it in an all-white ensemble! You’d think they’re going to start cheating their way around this stunt. but, no! It keeps getting wilder. Shah Rukh Khan is crazy for doing stuff like this,” Pramit wrote in his tweet.

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