Health Tips: If your bed cholesterol has also increased, then consume these things, you will get benefit. Lifestyle News in Hindi

Internet Desk. Today’s deteriorating lifestyle has given many types of diseases to the people. There are many fatal diseases like BP, Diabetes, Cholesterol in these diseases. But rising cholesterol bothers people. People spend money for its medicine and get it treated, but if you also do some home remedies, you can be benefited.

use cinnamon

If you are also troubled by the increasing bed cholesterol, then there is no need to take medicine for it, you can reduce it even with the cinnamon found in the house. Cinnamon is very beneficial in controlling cholesterol. Grind cinnamon and make its powder. Consume a pinch of powder daily with a glass of water. You will get benefit from regular consumption.

flax seeds

Along with this, if you want to reduce the increased cholesterol, then flax seeds are also very beneficial for this. Linseed rich in many nutrients reduces high cholesterol. Make a powder by grinding flax seeds and consume it daily with a glass of lukewarm water. Consuming it regularly will reduce cholesterol level.

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