BBC Presenter Chasing Automatic Camera After It Malfunctions

Last Updated: January 23, 2023, 17:56 IST

Victoria Valentine presenting the breakfast show. (Image source: Twitter)

The goof-up happened when the BBC anchor was presenting the breakfast show.

With automation and digitalisation, technology is no doubt making our lives easier. However, the advancements also bring with them a few chances of malfunctions that often lead to hilarious incidents. One such episode of a tech goof-up was recently captured on a live camera. A news presenter was taken aback by a sudden movement of an automated camera across the newsroom, prompting her to chase it around until it stopped right across the studio, focusing on the anchor’s seat.

A video of the gaffe was shared by Victoria Valentine, the BBC presenter, on her Twitter handle and is steadily gaining views. She shared the video with a tweet that reads, “Unexpectedly off-piste today for a Davos story. Bend ze knees and trust (in your director). Thank you to the cool heads in the gallery this morning who make recoveries (almost) look like they were scripted all along.”

This incident took place while Victoria Valentine was hosting a live on-air breakfast show. The camera seemed to have had some glitch as soon as she was about to start her reporting from the video wall at the BBC studio. The live camera moved straight past Victoria panning around the empty room and heading to the main desk, where there was just an empty chair.

While she chased the camera, she pointed out that this happens at times and is proof that the news bulletins are indeed live telecast. “Hello there, we start in the Swiss ski resort of Davos where the… you know what? Stay with me. Sometimes this happens. ‘Just to prove it’s live’,” Valentine could be heard saying as she laughed and ran after the camera while presenting the segment live.

The video shared by Valentine has received over 1,400 likes and over one million views since it was shared on January 20. Twitter users were impressed by the professionalism that she showed while handling this situation and left a bunch of comments.

One user commented, “Brilliantly handled. Gotta love the robo cams.”

Another user wrote, “So well handled. And kept smiling all the way through.”

“Nice recovery very professional, I know it late posting as like u work long hours so don’t get to see the good bits till I get home,” a user commented.

According to The Sun, BBC produces a large portion of its news content in studio using automatic robot cameras.

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