Today In History: The construction of the Red Fort in Delhi was completed.

The major events of May 13 in India and world history are as follows:

1643: A devastating earthquake in Chile kills a third of Santiago’s population.
1648: The construction of the Red Fort in Delhi is completed.
1830: Establishment of the Republic of Ecuador, Juan José Florence becomes the first president.
1846: Congress declared war on its neighboring country amid tensions between the US and Mexico over Texas for the past year.
1905: Birth of Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed, former President of India.
1952: The first session of Parliament in independent India was called.
1960: A Swiss expedition team led by Max Isselin reached the summit of Dhaulagiri mountain in the Himalayas.
1962: Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan became the second President of the country.
1978: The country’s first flag carrier INS Delhi decommissioned.
1981: Pope John Paul II is shot by a Turkish citizen in St Peter’s Square in Vatican City. Pope was seriously injured in this attack.
1995: A British woman, the mother of two children, accomplished the feat of conquering Everest without the help of Sherpas and oxygen.
1998: Irrespective of the criticism and pressure from around the world, India conducted two more nuclear tests.
2000: Miss India Lara Dutta won the Miss Universe title in the competition held in Cyprus.
2001: RK Narayan, one of the biggest names in the Indian literary world, passed away.
2009: The European Commission fines computer chip maker Intel, the largest in history, of more than one billion euros for adopting unfair business policies towards the rival company.
2010: Indian social activist Ila was also awarded the Nivano Peace Prize.

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