Why is there confusion over the law on cryptocurrencies? Read answers to important questions

  • Alok Joshi
  • Senior Journalist for PRESS24 NEWS Hindi

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Many people were to be relieved to hear that the government would bring a law on cryptocurrencies, but the opposite happened. There has been a panic in the cryptocurrency business and seeing the news that is coming in the filter, it seems that the chaos will continue for now.

You must have seen the game of toss i.e. coin toss, but many times instead of tossing the coin for the toss, children make it dance like a chuckerghini.

The weight of the coin and the quality of the floor determines how long it will dance and then when the coin will be head or tail when tired and making loud noises.

The case of bitcoin is also like the coin made at this time. Now it is difficult to say how long it will keep spinning.

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