Giants’ Daniel Jones says he and Kenny Golladay are ‘all good’ following sideline spat

Daniel Jones looking downfield with linemen around him Washington players visible

The Giants fell to the Washington Football Team in heartbreaking fashion on Thursday night, but in the midst of the closely contested game, cameras caught Kenny Golladay in a spirited conversation with Daniel Jones.

Late in the fourth quarter, with the Giants trailing by a point and around three and half minutes left on the clock, Big Blue was forced to punt, giving the ball back to Washington after the offense couldn’t take more time off the clock.

When the offense got back to the bench, an animated Golladay was seen shouting in Jones’ direction, who looked to say a couple of words back towards Golladay.

After the game, though, Jones said that everything between him and his No. 1 receiver is “all good,” and that it was more frustration with the situation than anything else.

“I think he was frustrated with the situation; I don’t think it was to me or to anyone in particular. So I think we’re all good,” Jones said. “I love Kenny. I thought he played hard and did a lot of good things out there.

“He was just frustrated with the situation, and we’ll be better from it. … He plays hard, wants to win, and wants to do what’s best for the team. So, that’s the deal there.”

Golladay had eight targets on the night, but he caught just three of them for 38 points, as the Giants fell to 0-2.

“I think there’s a lot of emotions to the game, and I certainly understand that,” said Jones. “Me and Kenny have a great relationship, and I know we can communicate and do what we need to do there. I appreciate his passion and emotion.”

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