afghan taliban news today in hindi : taliban afghnistan latest news today in hindi : India has only 7 day left to finish its evacuation plan in afghanistan with help of 6 more countries : Just 7 days in hand, 6 countries will evacuate Indians from Afghanistan


  • Six countries of the world have agreed to evacuate Indians trapped in Afghanistan
  • Will take our Indian employees to their country in Afghanistan
  • The Indian government will later bring back Indians from different countries.

New Delhi
The operation to rescue Indians trapped in Afghanistan is going on. The Taliban has asked the US to withdraw its remaining troops from Afghanistan by August 31. In such a situation, the Government of India has only seven days left to bring the remaining citizens back to their homeland. However, the good thing is that six other countries have also agreed to the offer to help India in this work.

Indian government is not only expelling Indians

In fact, the Indian government is not only evacuating Indians from Afghanistan but is also liberating the Hindu and Sikh residents of Afghanistan from the clutches of Taliban. Even the MPs there are being brought to India. In such a situation, the work and responsibility of the Government of India has increased. It is a matter of relief that the United Kingdom (UK), United Arab Emirates (UAE), America, France, Germany and Qatar have agreed to evacuate Indians.

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This agreement was signed with six countries

These six countries had businesses in Afghanistan in which many Indians were employed. The Government of India has asked those countries to take their Indian employees to their country. Then the Government of India will bring them to their homeland from different countries. It is estimated that there were about one and a half thousand Indians in Afghanistan, of which about half have been evacuated. However, in a statement issued by the US White House, it has been said that on Monday, about 10,900 people were evacuated from Afghanistan, of which the US had evacuated 6,600 people while other countries had evacuated a total of 4,300 people.

All party meeting on the latest situation

Here, the central government convened an all-party meeting to get acquainted with the latest situation in Afghanistan and its efforts. According to official sources, in this all-party meeting to be held on August 26, the government will specifically explain how it is evacuating people from Kabul. Naturally, she will also present the figures of Indians who have been evacuated so far and have survived there. The government will also clarify on the visa policy for Afghans leaving their country.

Questions can be asked from the government on these issues

However, leaders of various political parties would also be eager to know what options the Indian government is exploring to deal with the new situation that has arisen in Afghanistan. The leaders of the parliamentary parties participating in the meeting would also like to know from the government what is its stand on the new situation in Afghanistan. Perhaps the government has to answer the question whether it has done well by closing its embassy in Kabul after the Taliban takeover or should it have waited a little longer?

Demonstration of Afghan refugees living in Delhi outside UNHRC office, told their demands

In the midst of these questions, the biggest question that can arise is what is the Indian government thinking about recognizing the Talibani regime. Is India considering supporting the anti-Taliban National Resistance Front (NRF)? At the same time, there is also a possibility of brainstorming on what challenges China and Pakistan’s alliance with the Taliban can pose for us.


Operation to evacuate Indians from Afghanistan continues.

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