The biggest question in front of China, how to increase population?

In the current era, the biggest challenge before China is the ever-decreasing population of working people. According to an estimate, in five years a quarter of the population of China will reach the age of retirement, which means the problem of labor shortage and poverty.

To deal with this difficulty, China implemented the two child policy by abolishing the one child policy ie ‘one family one child’ policy implemented in 1980. To no avail, China implemented the three child policy. But it cannot be said how much effect it will have in the era of inflation.

This time around the world, the investigation has been done about how reducing the birth rate can become a problem for a nation. We will try to know whether China can increase its population.

Presenter and Producer: Mohanlal Sharma and Mansi Dash

Video and Audio Edits: Deblin Roy and Tilak Raj Bhatia

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