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New Delhi: In a stunning report of baby boom in US, a Texas hospital delivered more than a 100 babies in a span of over 90 hours, as per a report in ABC News. 

The phenomenon took place at Andrews Women’s Hospital in Fort Worth over two two-day periods, one in June 24 and another beginning June 28 totaling a combined 91 hours delivering 107 babies, officials were quoted as saying by the US media.

In the first 47-hour period, 25 girls and 27 boys were delivered, hospital officials said. While in the second period, 55 babies, including a set of twins were deliverd over the course of 44 hours.

Michelle Stemley director of nursing at Andrews Women’s Hospital said some people gave birth in operating rooms as the usual delivery rooms were filled up. “We really tried not to rush anybody, but we definitely were not lingering. We were moving them right away, as soon as they were safe enough to go over to the postpartum floor,” she said.

Notably, the hospital is already known for high number of deliveries, with an average of 16 a day, according to a press release. The Andrews Women’s Hospital specializes in women’s health and has a 63-bed neonatal intensive care unit, one of the largest in the state. 

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