This mare will represent India in Tokyo Olympics

  • Janhvi Mule
  • PRESS24 NEWS correspondent

image source, Embassy Group

If someone thinks about the Indian participants participating in the Olympics, then a picture of players, coaches, sports officials will emerge in his mind. But do you know that this time a mare is also representing India in the Tokyo Olympics?

Her name is Dayara-4 and she will compete in the Olympics with Indian equestrian player Fawad Mirza. Born in the year 2011, Dayara is a mare of German Bay Holsteiner breed. Its color is brown. So far it has played 23 tournaments and won five of them.

The Embassy Group, which sponsored Fawad, had bought Dayara in the year 2019. For this, he had to pay an amount of 2,75,000 euros (about two crore 43 lakh rupees). The Embassy Group had bought three more horses for Fawad.

Out of these Dayara-4 and Senur Medicott qualified for the Olympics. Given the current performance of both the horses, Fawad has decided to play alongside Dayara at the Tokyo Olympics.

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