Many People Killed In Lightning Strike In Prayagraj

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Published by: Vinod Singh
Updated Sun, 11 Jul 2021 08:30 PM IST

Lightning fell during torrential rains on Sunday, becoming a call for many lives in the district. A total of 14 people died in different police station areas due to the grip.

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During the torrential rains on Sunday, 19 people were killed across the division in the incidents of lightning. The maximum number of people who lost their lives due to lightning are from Prayagraj district, where a total of 14 people died, while four people lost their lives in Kaushambi and one in Pratapgarh. Many people also suffered serious burns, who are being treated in different hospitals.

Geeta Devi (32) and her mother-in-law Malti Devi (55) died while planting paddy due to lightning in Rahispur Malak Bela village of Soraon. Similarly, Ram Murat Mishra (58) in Koraon Mahuli village, Ramraj (15), who went to graze goats in Bhagesar village, Pushpendra Kumar (11) were victims of lightning. Ranjana (17), a resident of Sarai Dadan village in Nawabganj, Aarti Saroj (18), a resident of Sultanpur lost their lives due to lightning, while Vimlesh Kumar Bind (18), a resident of Kevatan Basti in Rera village of Jasra, died.

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