amul’s advertisement on ministry of cooperation: Amul’s advertisement on government’s new cooperative ministry is in talks , Union Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal has also shared this: Ghee and sugar in your mouth… Goyal shares

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Amul’s advertisement has dominated the government’s new cooperative ministry. Union Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal has also shared this. This ad of Amul has been published in all the major newspapers of the country on Saturday. A day before the expansion and reshuffle of the Union Cabinet, the Modi government had announced the formation of ‘Ministry of Cooperation’ (Ministry of Cooperation). Its command has been given in the hands of Home Minister Amit Shah.

To realize the dream of ‘Sahakar Se Prosperity’, the Modi government has constituted this new ministry. The Finance Minister had announced in the budget regarding a separate cooperative ministry in the budget. The new ministry will provide a separate administrative, legal and policy framework to strengthen the cooperative movement in the country. This will help the cooperatives to reach the grassroots level. Through this co-operatives i.e. cooperative societies will be able to connect deeply with the people.

The model of cooperative based economic development in the country is very relevant. In this model each member acts with a sense of responsibility. The ministry will simplify the processes of ‘ease of doing business’ for cooperatives. It will also work to enable the development of Multi-State Co-operatives (MSCs). Under co-operative, people form organizations from among the public. They work for a common goal. whatever it may be. For example, dairy farming, farming, banking, operation of sugar mill etc. Amul is an example of this. It is run by a cooperative society of Gujarat.

interesting ad
Amit Shah is shown with a farmer and ‘Amul Girl’ in Amul’s ad. On the new cooperative ministry of the government, it is written ‘Ghee, sugar in your mouth! Raise your hand fellow.’ Sharing this, Piyush Goyal wrote, ‘Sahakar will lead to a realization, a developed country, a self-reliant society.’

Recently increased milk prices
Recently, Amul Milk had increased the price of its milk by up to Rs 2 per litre. Seeing this, Mother Dairy has also increased the prices of milk. He has also raised the price by Rs 2 per litre.

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